Joshua’s Martin

Joshua’s Martin


Of all my instruments, this one I am probably most attached to. They only made 250 of these Martins. After playing about 20 models I heard this one, and grabbed it! It has a warm rich tone, so I thought I’d try and sample it. I recorded it through an Avalon 737 Pre , using an AKG 414 . I compressed a little with a Universal Audio 1176. I also included a version that doubles each string (not octaves). It has a little bit of a Bouzouki vibe which I thought was kind of cool. And last I made a pad from the guitar using some reverses and the new FREE Vahalla SuperMassive Reverb/Delay. A special shout out to Dave Hilowitz for sharing his “Random No Repeat” Kontakt script on his awesome Youtube channel!


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A limited edition Martin recorded through an Avalon 737 Pre, using an AKG 414.

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