Joshua Meltzer Selects

Joshua Meltzer Selects

In this Pianodrop, Joshua delves into his archive and explains what it is about these five instruments that makes them special.

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Bundle Contents

Ultrasound Pad by Joshua Meltzer

A beautiful pad created from an ultrasound recording.

Dusty Old Autoharp by Joshua Meltzer

Autoharp from the 1800's sampled in many varieties.

Upright Bass Drum by Joshua Meltzer

A Tom Waits inspired percussion instrument created from a double bass.

“Space Island” Toy Steel Drum by Joshua Meltzer

A Solaris-esque stereo steel drum recorded with a 414.

String ODDsemble by Joshua Meltzer

An impressive collection of instruments grouped together to create bowed string sounds.


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Pianobook’s most prolific and inventive Samplists chooses his personal faves from his archive.

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