James’ Ukulele

James’ Ukulele


This is a fun sample of my Brunswick ukulele being plucked. I received this instrument as a gift from my good friend Judith who I used to work with when I was a gap student at Beachborough School. We would teach ukulele to the kids together playing 4 chord songs such as Bob Marley – ‘Three Little Birds’ (we only knew 4 chords!)

Slap some reverb on and this can sound lovely. There is just one velocity layer. When the notes are stretched and played in it’s lower registers it has an interesting harp like quality.
This was recorded using an SM58 with a Mackie Onyx Artist 1.2


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5.0 rating
July 7, 2021

Love how it sounds. Just what i was loking for to experiment into the Post Rock project that i have


compact but beatifull

4.0 rating
June 15, 2020

i love how this a really compact library and sounds great



A Brunswick ukulele sampled using an SM58 with a Mackie Onyx Artist 1.2

4.5 rating
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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