Jacobs Ladder – An endless Scale

Jacobs Ladder – An endless Scale


Dear PianoBook-Community

I created a kontakt instrument to demonstrate the illusion of the “shepard scale”. For this i sampled three octaves from the piano in my classroom with a zoom H6. After a while of experimenting with the right volume i think I found the right balance to deceive our ears.

To hear the effect, just play any scale and you’re not gonna realize that you always stay in the same octave.
And because a scale is called ladder in german, I named the instrument “Jacobs ladder – an endless scale”
Beside the possibility to demonstrate this phenomenon the sound is also useful as a piano-hit for all kind of music styles.
I hope you have fun with it.

P.S. There is also a rotary effect on the modwheel.


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A piano sampled to reproduce a shepard scale effect.

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