Infinite Guitar

Infinite Guitar


Last year, I sampled my Fender Telecaster as part of a University project. I loved using my eBow to sustain the guitar notes, but unfortunately, the nature of the device only allows for one string to be sustained at a time. Through sampling, I was now able to create multiple layers of drones quickly and efficiently.

The Kontakt version comes with bespoke GUI, that includes Volume, ADSR , Drive, and LP Filter parameters to help you truly shape the timbre you desire.

Although the instrument is simple in concept, it offers a surprising range- from deep and thick bass, to icy highs.
The samples were recorded through DI, so I would recommend using plug-in Amp emulators and reverbs to create a more warm and realistic tone.



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Customizable Fender Telecaster sampled with an eBow.

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