Inertia Horns

Inertia Horns


Inertia Horns was born as a collaborative project to accompany the release of Twiceful Mind Duo’s first single Inertia in 2017. A French horn, cello and electronic arrangement with a powerful performance by singer Alessandra Balliana.

Since discovering PianoBook early in 2020 I wanted to contribute with this library which I believe would fit perfectly with the community ethos. It has been a perfect excuse to reopen the project and do some fixes to the samples. The library needed some polishing up, it’s not perfect but here it is, at last, cleaned up and ready to use.

Created with the help of composer and long time friend Susanne Aubert, this unpretentious library was aimed at fellow composers and producers as a free, quirky instrument to add to their toolbox.
Quirky as it’s reverse-engineered from the pre-existing recordings and comprised of fixed length – uneven notes (as they naturally happen throughout the song).

The French horn was recorded in London in 2016 at our university recording studio (ICMP) using a pair of SE Electronics Rupert Neve Design RNR1 Ribbon mics in a Blumlein configuration placed mid-room in front of the player (room mic) and a Sontronics Orpheus, Omni pattern as Close mic behind the player where the bell is pointing.

The built-in reverb has a story of its own. I have captured the impulse response of a boutique studio inside the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building in Wandsworth, just before it being relocated. Allegedly one of the most haunted locations in London and also previous home of Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor. The reverb features the main live room which has a special sound that I quickly fell in love with.

I really hope you all will find this instrument useful and enjoyable!

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French horn with reverb from Royal Victoria Patriotic Building in London

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