Ibanez Dreams

Ibanez Dreams


This is my Ibanez Prestige RG model.I sampled each note from bottom E,F,F#,G,G#
Then next string Open A,A#,B,C,C# then next string Open D,D# and so on up to
Top E open then every note all the way up to the 24th fret on top E.
I used some reverb and chorus to record all the notes.
I did a pad version and a lead version with a cut off when you take your fingers off the keys.
It sounds close to my guitar but it is very hard to emulate the way a guitar plays for a keyboard.


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Encourages you to think like a guitarist

4.0 rating
March 15, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed recording with Keith’s ‘Ibanez Dreams’. From the first note I played I wasn’t thinking keyboard. Instead I attempted to channel what a guitarist might do. I don’t say I succeeded but a definite mind-shift occurred that can only be good for creativity. As Keith correctly says in his description, it’s difficult for keyboards to emulate the way a guitar plays. This has more than a little to do with the flexibility of a guitar string – and you all know how hard it is to impersonate that with only a pitch-bend wheel. I avoided bends and instead focused on layers and textures. I love the pad, which still sounds enough like a guitar in an effects chain not to be confused with ‘just another pad sound’. I also found that with the right amp simulation I could create a convincing solo sound. I’m already a convert to Keith’s pianobook instruments and have used his ‘Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Electro Acoustic Guitar’ on many of my projects. ‘Ibanez Dreams’ is another addition to my increasing palette of convincing guitar sounds. Thanks, Keith!

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)


An Ibanez Prestige RG through reverb and chorus

4.0 rating
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