Hohner Guitaret

Hohner Guitaret


I am so overwhelmed by the pianobook community, that I also want to contribute some instruments. It is a must do – you are all so generous and creative.

Because I gave my Piano to a good friend for his children to learn to play, I begin with an instrument which sounds quite a bit like an electric piano.

It is my oldest electro acoustical Instrument: called the “Hohner Guitaret” from 1963 (one year younger than me).

It is an lamellophone with build in pickup, played with the fingers – mostly the thump by holding it like an E-guitar.

Depending on the velocity it can sound like soft E-Kalimba, a Pianet-Celesta Hybrid or nearly an E-piano. Try to play it with the Sustain pedal, it gets very dreamy.

I sampled five velocity layers and five Round Robins.

This is my first attempt to build a Kontakt Instrument – so please excuse the poor GUI. (this scripting thing is a hard and strange journey)

All the best to you all and many, many thanks to Christian Henson for simply everything he do.

Regards and deep respect from Klaus Wagner, Berlin, Germany


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An lamellophone with a built in pickup.

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