Guitar Rawr

Guitar Rawr


This instrument was first introduced during the Music for 300 Strangers back in
April of 2020. I was definitely a Kontakt noob then, and had more ideas for
this instrument but didn’t know much about Kontakt programming. I did some
homework and practicing and feel way better about this contribution
now. Guitar Rawr is now a complete thought.

Various guitar recordings using a Jaguar guitar, Fender Blender Fuzz, Earthquaker
Tentacle Octave, and Moog MF drive pedals make up the core of the sound. These
recording were then edited and looped certain ways before throwing introduced

The instrument at default, plays the samples at the slowest speed. The user
can then tweak controls just like a synth to get some mojo going. The “Shaper”
tab is where most of the power lies. This is where all the filters are located
along with the 2nd stage of “Rawr” or distortion. Each filter is connected to
its own LFO that is clocked at different timings. If you don’t what synced
LFO’s, just turn Kontakt’s engine sync off in the top toolbar. Whats cool about
the LFO’s are that they operate polyphonically. What this means is if you
randomly trigger notes and then start applying the LFO modulation, you will
start to get some pretty neat movement as the filter is being modulated per
voice. What seemed like a bunch of static notes suddenly turn into a nice
group of animated textures. Lot’s of drone fun.


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A Fender Jaguar sent though a Fender Blender pedal and performed in different variations.

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