Family Grand

Family Grand


My family grand piano has gone slight out of tune throughout lockdown, which has created a wonderful warm texture. I wanted to capture the sense of being at home and so I hired a Neumann KU 100 binaural stereo microphone to whether binaural recordings make a difference. The results were mind-blowing. As well as the KU 100, I sampled the piano with a pair of Neumann 149s and you can choose between these signals depending on your needs. Using a cut-down version of the monolith sampling technique, the Family Grand is available in Kontakt, SFZ and DecentSampler format.

Video about the library:

Find out more about my experiments with binaural audio in this video:


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Just amazing

5.0 rating
February 14, 2021

Downloaded this a month ago, and it hasn’t disappointed me one bit. Sound quality is OOTW!

Seb Overell

My new favourite piano, bar none

5.0 rating
January 2, 2021

Thank you, Christian. Pianobook just gets better and better. I found myself hardly wanting to do anything to this apart from play it and get something down. Just a bit of my favourite splosh (Native Instruments RAUM), the Tony Visconti grand piano preset on Waves Audio’s Scheps Omni Channel and Ableton Live’s piano eq setting. Job done. Could there be any lovelier start to a new year than creating something out of nothing more than the sound of a beautiful instrument lovingly sampled? I don’t think so.

Chris Bell (wordsSHIFTminds)

What a treat

5.0 rating
December 28, 2020

This just oozes emotion, and is just so damned playable. It is such an inspiring piano, even down to to tiny tuning nuances that just create their own chorus effects. Love the pedal release sound too. Siting with headphones on, binaural mix turned up and a good weighted keyboard and you can imagine yourself sitting at that beautiful instrument.
Layer it up with one of the amazing Winter Voices samples and you are in soundtrack heaven.


Thank you Christian, very very very very very very nice

5.0 rating
December 27, 2020

Sampling this Family Grand piano and publishing it in December 2020, is one of the nicest things you have ever done, as far as I know. It’s really special and I really love it. It does have a magic touch/feel/glow/spirit.

Wade Cottingham

Very Inspiring

5.0 rating
December 27, 2020

it’s just really lovely to work with and the sound is really inspiring for me. it has some beautiful stories to tell.



A family grand piano recorded in stereo and binaural formats

4.8 rating
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