“A condensed version of my final Undergraduate Degree Project, Ethanolia is the sounds captured from ‘singing’ and bowing of Gin Bowls, Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes. I sampled this using three mic set-up, a Neumann U87, DPA 4036 and a KM187, which I then processed through an amazing Eventide Eclipse (V4) Harmonzier using settings such as ‘Rainbow Drops’ and ‘Diamond Rain’ which added random pitch and rhythmic effects.

I was able to create 4 different instruments from these sounds, two of which I am submitting to PianoBook: A general Pad and legato Lead.

The mod wheel (CC1) can be used to crossfade between sample layers on both instruments. The Lead is currently set in Legato mode however feel free to change this setting in EXS24 should you wish to use multiple voices.”


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A perfect vibe.

5.0 rating
April 24, 2021

I found pianobook yesterday and while I don’t score anything, in fact, I produce rap music, I found this sound to be perfect. As soon as I heard this instrument I realized I had to get it into FL asap. The pad itself is reminiscent of Passionfruit by Drake, and the lead is perfect for hyperpop. This sound was so inspiring I found myself with a finished song two hours after downloading it. Thank you

Prod by Two Twelve

Led To A Very Ambient Place

4.0 rating
April 20, 2020

Playing around with the pad and lead sounds in this library led me to make a very ambient piece. I really enjoyed using the mod wheel to crossfade between the samples, so I made a demo to show this off by using a series of long evolving repeated figures that go right through the samples layers and back again as the piece progresses.
I found the patches to be a little quiet, so had to boost the volume in ESX a bit.

Stephen Caulfield

Beautiful Synth

4.0 rating
April 7, 2020

Great sound but would definitely love a kontakt version of the instrument. Thanks again for such a beautiful sounding vst.

Nicholas Jones


Pads created from bowing and playing glass objects. Recorded with a Neumann U87, a DPA 4036 and a KM187 and processed through an Eventide Eclipse (V4) Harmonizer.

4.3 rating
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