ESC Weltmeister (Accordion)

ESC Weltmeister (Accordion)


There happens to be this old east german accordion sitting around in the Studio at work. To be honest, I am unsure whether it is a Weltmeister, but the name just has a good ring to it.
As I wouldn’t consider myself to be the greatest accordion afficionado, I was surprised how much I enjoyed playing it one day I had a few hours of waiting to do. Thus the idea was born to record some samples of quiet long notes and if I had the time, different lengths/types of swells.
I ended up recording quiet longs and two types of swells for every key in the lowest register with generally 4 round robins (when I managed to count).

I’ve recorded through a Neumann RSM191 about a metre away from the right hand chamber; all the recordings were made with the side signal boosted by about 3db through an RME Babyface at 192kHz.

Sadly the Studio is rather noisy, thus a lot of the airy breathing quality is lost with the required level of noise reduction (not necessarily a bad thing as it gives it a different quality).
As I have a lot of other editing work to do, I don’t quite have the time to make anything beyond a few very rough patches; thus my hope is that some people here will be able to complete the project beyond the level I could achieve on my own.

I’ve completed one hybrid patch which takes the very sweet sounding top octave from the instrument and pitches it down for the two sub octaves; this patch encapsulates for me the essence what I was trying to achieve and why I’ve made certain choices. Also, it’s at 48kHz so it doesn’t take a year to download

Finally there are also my prototype patches available as well as the raw sample pool (in separate downloads) due to file size at 192kHz.


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An old east german accordion recorded through a Neumann RSM191.

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