English Classic

English Classic


The last time I had an acoustic piano in my home was when I was 8 Years old and coming to the end of my first year of piano lessons.  By this time the guitar was calling me, so unfortunately the piano was left to gather dust in the corner of the lounge before being unceremoniously removed a few years later. Alas, youth is wasted on the young. If I’d have stuck with it, things may have been different but I’m pleased to say that only 30 odd years later I longed for the sound of a ‘real’ piano again.

Much trawling through the inter-web finally brought me face to face with my destiny. A late 1970’s piano that many consider to be from one of the powerhouses of English Piano manufacturing – Danemann. They made robust and sweet playing pianos designed to resist a nuclear explosion for they were destined for a hard life – as school pianos! Imagining the kind of lives they must have had could bring a tear to ones eye but I am pleased to say that at least this one has now been rescued and made in to a virtual instrument.

I recorded it through a UA Apollo twin with the 1073 preamp emulation with no eq on both of the microphones. The mics were a  recording in to Logic pro x.

Having just been tuned, I absolutely love my piano and the house is once again ringing with tones that only an acoustic piano can create. Many thanks to Christian for providing the templates and videos to make sampling a piano as straight forward as possible and I hope you enjoy the sound of this piano from one of the iconic piano makers of yesteryear.



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5.0 rating
May 12, 2021

Awesome piano, thanks man!


Delicate and Powerful.

5.0 rating
April 22, 2020

Beautiful piano, superbly recorded. Many thanks.

Paul Farrell


Danemann English piano sampled with a Neumann tlm 102 and a Warm Audio U47 jr.

5.0 rating
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