Eclectic Mandolin

Eclectic Mandolin


This Mandolin from the late 1800’s was a wedding gift from my wife, so obviously there is some sentimentality involved! But that aside, it definitely has a certain rustic charm about it. I’ve recorded with it MANY times.

For this one however, I wanted to make an instrument that did not necessarily sound like a mandolin. I was working on a world music project and wanted something sounding more uh… worldly in nature. And ‘Eclectic Mandolin’ was born. I recorded the Mando multiple times with two velocity layers. I used a Telefunken Copperhead mic and an Avalon 737 Pre. I re-amped some of the recordings through an old Fender amp. I wanted to process each group slightly differently to created random unpredictability . It’s very raw, slightly out of tune (on purpose) and to me sounds more like a Kora at times, than a Mandolin. There is a muted version which is my favorite one, and also a sustained one. There are two pitched down versions that I combined into one multi called “Low And Wide” .
I also included an Ensemble Multi which features them all together! And last, I created a pad using multiple reversed loops from different groups.

I hope you enjoy this strange, little instrument!


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Love it!

5.0 rating
August 17, 2020

I was working on a West African track and this fit in perfectly! Definitely a different take on the mandolin!

Terry Sloval


A Mandolin from the late 1800’s with a certain rustic charm.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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