Decrepit Toy Piano

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Conner Sawchuk ( Website )



This is an old Jaymar toy piano I picked up at a flea market (Daytona Beach, FL) in not so great condition. It's still playable and got some character, although not all the notes work.

The idea here was to get a pretty realistic representation of the real deal with not a ton of sampling, so naturally I sampled every key at multiple velocities with 2 round-robins, 2 microphone positions (stereo close pair, far mono), key release samples, AET velocity morphing, scripted volume controls per mic position, and a fun GUI to really make you feel like you're truly crouched at the piano.

It's time to be a kid again, use this dinky little toy piano to your hearts content. It was both a pain and a blast to make this and I hope you enjoy!