Dark Lord Bass

Dark Lord Bass


Heavy, dark, foreboding low-end is not a metaphor for my post-holiday waist line;
It’s how I describe the Bass tones I use when writing Heavy Metal.

I’ve been writing Rock and Heavy Metal for 10 years now, and always struggled with a lack of low end.
Never sure whether it’s my lack of mixing skill or lack of samples, I decided to make my own Bass Pads for my music.

I sampled my 5-string Ibanez bass; played the samples through a variety of distortion pedals and amps; and recorded the samples using 4 microphones in the cavernous wooden house that I had just moved into.
On the keyboard, you will find 1.5 octaves of fx (such as the bass tuning down and up), 1.5 octaves of bass drones, and a further 4 octaves where I used an eBow on the strings.

Please note that this is not an instrument in the traditional sense, but a means of adding low end pads and drones to your already existing compositions; Orchestral, or Rock.

Have fun!!


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A 5-string Ibanez bass recorded with four different microphones to become a low pad.

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