Cello Choir & Cello Pad

Cello Choir & Cello Pad


I had a Cellist in studio for a Pop album, and I grabbed some samples from 2 songs: a ballad, and a Rock song.

Cello CHOIR is a singing Synth Pad, made from soft cello samples. Like a comfy pillow whistling at you from a distance.
Cello PAD is a dreamy Synth Pad, made from rIch, energetic cello samples. Like a group of cellists playing in an empty bath.
Load individually, or together!

Both Instruments feature an “Attack” knob, “Release” knob, a “Low Pass Filter” knob, and a “Reverb” knob.

Recorded with an AKG 414, and sound designed in Cubase 10.5
Built for the FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5.8


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Two adjustable pads created from a studio cellist.

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