Cello Banjo Plus

Cello Banjo Plus


I have used this cello banjo on many scores, but always as an invisible color.
I love it’s distinctive sound and am still hoping to make it center stage of a main track one day.
It’s a banjo that had a few too many the night before and alongside the recognisable cheerful twang also has a low, raspy, dare I say, velvet tone.
I thought that by sampling it on a soft pluck (and soft tremolo) I could make something a bit more usable.
I then recorded most samples on a Mono tape recorder – a Marantz PMD 221 – at regular speed and re-recorded them back at half speed. Which gave me an octave below for each tone. Plus the expected tiny bit of wow and flutter for seasoning.
Hope you like it.


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A banjo that had a few too many the night before

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