Broken Strings

Broken Strings


BROKEN STRINGS is a library created by Kirsten Evans, for Swedish composer Jon Ekstrand. Together we designed the GUI and decided on which effects would be great to use to manipulate the sounds of the instrument!

This textural library was recorded using my homemade contact microphone. Drone like textures were produced using Ebow and a handmade bow, crafted from a stick found on the ground!
A Nyckelharpa and an Autoharp were sampled for the instrument, but both instruments are cracked and warped – hence ‘BROKEN STRINGS’. The Autoharp is even missing it’s automatic mechanism!

Descriptions for each of the controls can be found in the help section of the Kontakt window.


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A Nyckelharpa and an Autoharp sampled with an EBow and a makeshift string bow. Presented in a highly-customizable Kontakt GUI.

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