Bowed Oven Rack

Bowed Oven Rack


What an amazing initiative Pianobook is. Hats off to Christian and everybody that’s contributed! After listening to some of the amazing contributions, I thought i would throw something of mine into the mix for the community to use and abuse as you see fit. The Bowed Oven Rack is a simple instrument i made from, wait for it… bowing an old oven rack! It became one of the signature sounds i used extensively in the score for the video game “Draugen”, which i was honoured to win an Ivor Novello award for. I love the mystical tone it produces, which can be both ethereal and beautiful, as well as ominous and eerie depending on the context it’s used. Be sure to give it a generous lather of reverb, delay, or both!
Here’s a couple of tracks from the Draugen soundtrack it features in so you can hear it in context.

“In the Mist”:
“A Voice in the Mist”:


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Cool! (or should I say formerly "hot")

5.0 rating
December 19, 2020

Just when I thought there weren’t any more things that could be tapped, hit, strummed or bowed – I heard this! Definitely original, cool/hot and something I will use!

Rob Asselstine


Ethereal and beautiful, ominous and eerie, sounds from a oven rack played with a bow.

5.0 rating
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