Bowed Electric Guitar (with release)

Bowed Electric Guitar (with release)


So this is one of a number of experiments that I’ve been making with my Fender Stratocaster guitar, loaned to me by my brother. I began using a bow on my guitar when I was working on my first feature length film and enjoyed the vast array of sounds that I could create.

I am not lucky enough to have access to live string players so I feel that this is a way that I can augment samples effectively to add more mojo, duende or soul to my pieces. Similarly inspired by a lot of the Labs instruments that I constantly find myself using, this particular patch is good when distortion, reverb & delay are added.

I recorded three round robins to give the instrument more unpredictability as I found I would often produce harmonics and harsh scrapes when using the bow.

Hopefully it’s as useful to you as it has been to me. More on the way!


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A bowed Fender Stratocaster guitar in three different presets.


  1. ESX24


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