Boars Hill Gate Post

Boars Hill Gate Post


On the Cumnor side of the picturesque Boars Hill between the market town of Abingdon and Oxford lies this gate in the middle of a field. On a blustery day, the wind blows over the open-topped gate post and a little opening half way down the post turns it into a massive organ pipe.

As luck would have it, the day I went back to record it, there wasn’t any wind in sight. Nary a fleeting gust or stiff breeze. Turns out, blowing over the top of the post produces a similar effect, so that’s what I did for about half an hour, much to the bemusement of passing ramblers.

Once back home, I found a section that sounded halfway decent, paulstretched it, and ran it through a host of Soundtoys plugins. What’s especially nice, is I’ve kept in my intake of breath for the next blowing session at the end of my chosen sample, so along with the airy nature of the sample itself, the whole thing sounds organic and elemental.


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A gate from Boars Hill creates an organ pipe

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