Blue Toy Piano

Blue Toy Piano


I’ll keep this one short and sweet

Today I was chatting with a fellow pianobook member on instagram and about an hour later a friend asked me to teach them how to sample their instrument / make a sample instrument.

So here’s this, the result of my nostalgia and instruction — not perfect by any means, but I quite like it. It’s a blue toy piano sampled 2 round robins each occupying every other note on the piano, alternating (Each robin is the opposite whole tone scale), at a few velocity layers per note. I waited a little time after each key press as to capture a release sample for each note recorded.

This let us adequately sample each key on the instrument once while retaining some playability and uniqueness to each keypress.

The recording chain was just a pair of AKG P170 into a MOTU 828x (stock pres).

I’ve included an EXS as well as a Kontakt version, if I had to pick between the two the Kontakt one is a little more optimized / has knobs to balance the volume between note vs. release.

I hope all can get some joy from this, I certainly did!


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A blue toy piano recorded with a pair of AKG P170

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