Bedroom Drum Kit

Bedroom Drum Kit


I sampled a Yamaha oak custom kit with paiste 2002 cymbals as well as a cajon and percussion to create a characterful drum kit sound. The instrument is laid out in the typical fashion for drums but also has above C3 variations and outtakes from sampling, these used lightly within a full drum pattern help the instrument to sound more realistic. It’s quite a raw sounding drum kit so it would be great if someone wants to process and resample it.


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Great raw sound...

4.0 rating
June 20, 2021

This really has the band rehearsal room drumkit sound. I agree with Dimaension X that the cymbals seem to be a bit off in timing (delayed). The kickdrum sounds slightly too “hot” at the highest velocity layer.
To sum up: to turn this from good to great the timing of the cymbals need to be corrected, highest velocity layer of kick not too loud (avoid clipping) and maybe more round-robins for kick, snare and hats.


Good sounds, but ...

3.0 rating
March 28, 2021

I like the raw, realistic sounds, but the timing of the cymbals seems a little “off”? Also, the cymbals need to be programmed like “notes” in the piano roll. They sustain as long as the note is programmed. Maybe this could be corrected?

Dimaension X


5.0 rating
May 29, 2020

muito bom



A Yamaha Oak drum kit.

4.0 rating
4 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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