Bedroom Clarinet

Bedroom Clarinet


Whereas sample instruments often boast about featuring the most virtuosic musicians recorded in the finest halls, what if a piece of music calls for the sound of a more novice player casually mic’ed up in their bedroom studio?

Inspired by Christian Henson’s philosophy that imperfection is what gives samples authenticity, I bring my first offering to the Pianobook community: the Bedroom Clarinet for Kontakt .

The instrument features two articulations – longs, which come with quite a bit of sometimes-shaky sustain and natural sounding releases, as well as one-shot shorts with 8 round-robin cycles. I also went ahead and scripted three knobs for the performance view: tremolo, vibrato, and speed, so you can get that warbly, mellotron-like sound.



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Longs and shorts recorded on a clarinet.

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