Baritone Guitar

Baritone Guitar


This Danelectro baritone guitar mostly sits in a rack feeling ignored. With the advent of PianoBook however, I’ve decided to give new purpose to this oft overlooked but beautiful instrument. Sampled in minor thirds with open strings being used as much as possible, this unique library comes in three flavors. Clean Amp, Dirty Amp and DI (for anyone who wishes to add their own amp sim and IRs). Additionally, Adam has added a LP filter, a secondary distortion and an Amp Sim that includes a simple bass and treble EQ and a tremolo function. The lower strings are rich and rubbery with a nice mellow pluck. As you ascend into higher string territory, you’ll find this instrument takes on an almost ‘harpsichord meets sitar at a club and gives birth to a zither’ vibe. Enjoy!

-Justin Merdsoy



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5.0 rating
July 2, 2020

Possibly the best instrument i’ve found on this site. Incredible work man, sounds so beautiful, definitely will be using it!



A Danelectro baritone guitar recorded in three different varieties.

5.0 rating
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