I’m new to Kontakt and sampling in general, and love the idea behind Pianobook. I wanted to contribute so I sampled my Wurlitzer 200a. This was a learning exercise for me. Wallpaper and knobs are images of my piano.

There are three sets of samples: direct, XY pair on the speaker (only one works), and XY pair for the inside mechanical sounds. Also release triggers, which are grouped with the mechanical sounds.

I attempted to use a contact mic, but the results were not really useful.

It’s named BaltiWurli because I am a proud resident of Baltimore, Maryland.

Chester Gwazda


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Excellent work!

5.0 rating
September 17, 2020

Sounds incredible, hon! My Baltimore heart just skipped a beat!

Mike Powers


A beautifully sampled and designed Wurlitzer 200a from Baltimore, Maryland.

5.0 rating
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