Antique Zither v0.1

Antique Zither v0.1


This is some samples I made of an antique Zither I purchased back in 2010 from an antique store in Greenwich Village. It was damaged when I got it and I assume well loved by whoever the original owner was. Because of this, I recorded it as is. The intention is to give it some character, allow the cracks to shine through.

It is currently in a beta version (v0.1). Some known issuse:

* The knob that controls reverb is not currently working. The reverb itself is working but the GUI has a bug.
* Velocity layers are not behaving correctly.


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Dropbox link for those unable to download.

5.0 rating
December 22, 2020

I’m going to reach out to Pianobook and see what’s up. In the meantime, here is a link on my dropbox to the samples



An antique zither with plenty of character. Currently in beta mode.

5.0 rating
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