Annie’s Piano

Annie’s Piano


I’ve always been rather curious about harmonics on piano, like with harp or other string instruments. Does it still have that beautiful fragility in the sound? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a full, playable harmonic piano before, and thus this was an interesting experiment.

I managed to get access to a semi-grand piano, and went about sampling the harmonics, 1 dynamic layer, 2 round-robins, with the sustain pedal down. It certainly sounds very similar to a normal piano, but there is definitely a sort of greater innocence to it. It sounds somewhat like a cross between a piano and harp harmonics.

The name of the piano draws from the perceived innocence. I don’t know anyone named Annie.
Anyways, hope you enjoy this idea / experiment. :]


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A semi-grand harmonic piano. 1 dynamic layer, 2 round robins. Sustain pedal down.

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