Áferð synth

Áferð synth


Áferð means textures. To me, texture means stillness in movement, sequence in tranquility.

I started planning my album around this concept a few years ago, but always got stuck on the sound design.

This is meant to be a portable toolkit to experiment with, hence the very minimally recorded Oscillators and the Amp section.
On the right side of the GUI, you’ll find Swelling pads + Percussive, delayed rhythms. These are the more inspired samples, two of my patches processed through just wonderful delays and reverbs.
For the best effect, use the Layer samples without the core oscillators and with 0ms attack on the amp, add an Arp.

And this concludes my very first attempt at making samples.

By packaging this library and sending it to you, I consider the sound design done for the album.
Feel free to use it.

With love,


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Stillness in movement, sequence in tranquility.

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