Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer Electric

Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer Electric


This is Skimmer Electric, an acoustic double bass performed with an eBow.

from wikipedia
”The EBow is a battery-powered electronic device for playing the electric guitar. The EBow uses a pickup – inductive string driver – feedback circuit, including a sensor coil, driver coil, and amplifier, to induce forced string vibrations. The EBow is monophonic, and drives one string at a time, producing a sound reminiscent of using a bow on the strings.
The name EBow stands for “Electronic Bow” or Energy Bow.”

The instrument was recorded with several microphones mixed into three different signals for you to play with;
Close – the “main” signal, for everyday use.
Contact – slightly distorted and “airy”.
Room – a stereo signal placed further away in the studio.

The magic happens when you click the unicorn.

There are effects; Chorus, Delay and Reverb
But more fun is a random round robin that uses the full range of the keyboard. Subtlety is not a feature 🙂

There is also a reverse button that can be used to randomize the sounds even further.

This virtual instrument was specifically made for the Swedish show “Festen”.

Have fun!


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An acoustic double bass sampled with an EBow and delivered in a highly customizable Kontakt instrument.

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