9216 Sawtooths

9216 Sawtooths


Christian gave us 12 Oscillators from his Colossus. So I wondered what a few thousand would sound like…

So here are 9,216 Sawtooth oscillators arranged in neat ‘virtual mic’ groups of 1,024, starting at ‘Normal’, and getting more and more detuned as you go to the right, plus a final ‘Distant’ virtual mic to take the count from 8,192 to the full 9,216. That’s a lot of oscillators!

That’s a mere nine thousand, two hundred and sixteen oscillators.

You should start by turning all the virtual mics down except for the ‘Normal’ one, which should be set at about half volume. As you add in more mics, you may need to reduce the levels to avoid overloading…

Please, whatever you do, do not put all the mics above half way and then play a C0 loudly with the Attack set to 0! You have been warned.


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