12 String Guitar Piano

12 String Guitar Piano


Here a 1980-style piano made out of a 12-string guitar Tanglewood. In the sample the CUTOFF filter muse be turned on. Sounds better being coupled with the 12-string pad with reverb and cutted


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Excellent. Quick setup, quality sound.

5.0 rating
April 10, 2021

Using MIDIGuitar plugin. Running live guitar into MIDIGuitar plugin and then into this midi instrument. I can track 12-string parts on my normal guitar and save time. (I might not need to fork out cash for that 12-string I thought need)
Also using Push 2 controller and had no need to tweak velocities in the first 10 minutes after instillation. It sounds awesome and makes workflow way more pleasurable.


Loveley Acustic Guitar sound

5.0 rating
April 7, 2021

Love it!!!
Finally a really nice sounding acustic on decentsampler.
Beautifull pickup and sounds great with some reverb

Matthew O connor


Tanglewood 12 string guitar played as a piano.

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
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