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    Hi, I live in Nantes France, where I was born. I’ve lived in different places in France and Ireland.
    Great idea. Not sure if there are many people on Pianobook in my area, though. Hopefully there will.

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    Hi everyone,
    Erick here, in France.
    Have just discovered the new “Sampler” aka Dave, and I’ve been waiting for this for decades.
    I have quite a few instruments I’d like to share here, including 2 pianos, although the samples were recorded a long time ago when Hard disks were much smaller and as a result, they’re only mono.
    Anyway, I just need to find out how to save my exs files in relative path, so feel free to point me to a short explanation if there’s one around here somewhere.
    Looking forward to hours of fun with Pianobook, and a massive thank you to Christian Henson!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)