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    Hi lovely PianoBook people,

    I’d like to experiment with building instruments in Ableton Sampler (which is pretty straightforward) and making them available as Ableton Packs.

    Would anyone out there be interested in me recreating their Kontakt instrument in Ableton? I’m interested in going thru this process using an existing instrument as a reference. I’ll do my best at cloning your instrument in Ableton and then provide it back to you so that you can load it onto your PianoBook page.

    All the best and take care of yourselves – Sam


    Hi Sam. I know I would certainly like this for my instruments, I don’t own a full version of Ableton permanently (I’ve downloaded the trial a few days ago) but many of my friends using it without kontakt would like to be able to use my instruments.

    That said the instrument creators don’t actually have a way to edit their submitted / posted instruments on the site at the moment, so I would imagine the best way to do this is either by making a forum post providing your converted instrument or submitting your alternate version the same way you would a new one — just letting the team know in the title or submissions box that you’ve converted it / made for a new format.



    ‘@Sam Hi, My instrument (29 Bagpipes Synthesizerwriter) started out in Ableton Sampler, and I converted it to Kontakt to put it on PianoBook! Having multiple formats for instruments is a good idea – a lot of useful information was being gathered in the previous forum (is there any way of seeing it?)… particularly about converting from one format to another… Martin


    I want to do the same with Falcon by UVI. I was just wondering what the legal issues would be. I wouldn’t ever charge money for it but I would like to share them if possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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