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    Jay Lifton

    Hi all,

    Something that recently sped up my workflow in Logic Sampler when sampling non-chromatically, it spares you the process of naming every file.
    1. Using a modified CH template, I sampled only the black keys on my piano (you can also do white keys)
    2. Option-scissor on the grid to get all your individual notes cut into regions for you (see CH’s video for his complete method).
    3. Select and drag these regions onto Sampler, to the “Optimized” box, select “Zone per File.” The notes will lay out chromatically.
    4. Drag them all so the first note is on A#0
    5. Zone/Remap/Remap Black Notes. Now, without having to rename files, you’ve put your files on all the correct notes.
    6. Zone/Remap/Fill Gaps will spread it across the keyboard. You can also select all and drag by hand if you want the pitched-down sound.
    7. Go back to step 2 if you want to add more layers, release triggers, etc…
    8. You still may need to manually trim the attack to taste- depending on how you initially played the notes into sampler.

    This also works great if you sample something diatonically, you can “remap white notes.” on C, then move if needed to the proper key.
    The one possible issue is that all the regions/files are renamed by logic as YOURPIANO_247398 etc. If you absolutely need your files named as notes this might be a consideration.

    Curious if other LPX users are having good luck with the shortcuts? Pitch detection could use improvement. Automap by filename is right on the money.


    Jay Lifton

    Forgot to add- you can also do this with anything you’ve sampled at a regular interval (3rds, 5ths, etc) but dragging on to the keyboard, then mouse upward and watch the region expand to the desired width.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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