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    Paul Ridout

    First off, thanks to all concerned. What a wonderful resource, I’m enjoying all those Pianos.
    I am having a problem with the Winter Voices sample set.
    I download to my Mac in DecentSampler format to my Mac.
    I convert the ZIP to a dslibrary suffix and copy the file to my DS sample library folder. (As all other files for DS)
    However when I load it there is nothing present after selecting a preset. (same on iPad)
    If a file was loaded previously it will not have been overwritten.
    I don’t want to appear churlish (its amazing and it’s free) and hope its user error.
    Can anybody help as all my other files load perfectly and I haven’t been able to find a solution via this Forum.


    bo din

    Zip files are compressed files. On windows I unzip the contents. But F Ks what you do on a mac.

    If that doesn’t help, perhaps try looking here, they might be monolith format;

    Having trouble with Christian Henson’s samples in Decent Sampler format

    bo din

    btw…did you sort the 9000ft piano out ?

    Paul Ridout

    9000ft piano problem was to do with iOS file format and sand boxing. All solved.

    Winter Voices is an entirely different thing. It just doesn’t seem to load on both Mac OS and iOS. It downloads ok and appears in DecentSampler ‘Browse’ and ‘File’ dropdowns but that’s as far as it goes. It then won’t load or replace a previously loaded sample set. It’s a mystery to me. I don’t seem to be alone with this as it is mentioned elsewhere on the PianoBook forum. As I have said, all my other ‘PianoBook’ downloads are just fine.

    Any Mac help would be gratefully received.


    bo din

    OK, managed to recreate the issue in Windows.

    This solution is for Windows and DecentSampler v1.0.4

    Go to C:UsersusernameAppDataRoaming

    Delete the following folders (or move them to another location so you can put them back if you need to);
    Decent Sampler

    These folders will be automatically created (though empty) when you next launch DecentSampler.

    You will need to log in to your DecentSamples account when next launching DecentSampler.

    Next, choose a location for your sample library settings including ‘Cover Art’ images. I just click on Select Folder at the bottom.

    Then, go to File > Preferences > Sample Library Location and browse for the location of the folder where all your libraries and presets are. (Remember it can only scan down to a depth of two folders).

    That’s it. Any library or presets should now show under File and each time you load something from the File menu it will add it to the libraries tab along with it’s ‘cover art’.

    A quick note to Dave in case he reads this. I notice that the Cover Art folder is getting a lot of duplicates if I don’t delete said folder (and/or contents) while trying a lot of this out. Would this be prevented if it didn’t have the numbering system ?

    Paul Ridout

    Thanks for your help.
    Here’s a solution for iPad iOS:
    Download the .zip from PianoBook using a Mac computer.
    Do not extract the zip, in stead edit the suffix to .dslibrary.
    Copy the file using a USB connection via iTunes file transfer. (samples will turn up in decent sampler folder.)
    Do not attempt to Airdrop the .dslibrary file, they seem to disappear.
    If necessary leave the .dslibrary files on the Mac for use by the Mac version of DecentSampler.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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