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    Fred Scaife

    Winter Voices is not showing in my list of files to be loaded. No problems with any other download/file. Can anybody help?

    David Jones

    The DecentSampler download doesn’t seem to have the Samples,Resources,Data folders. I downloaded the Kontact version and copied the folders into DecentSampler folder. Hope this helps.

    bo din

    The samples are embedded in the files, there is no need to download anything else;
    If the files are in the right folder (Sample Library Location) and DecentSampler has scanned the folder (FILE >> Rescan Libraries). they should appear in FILE >> Sample Libraries list or BROWSE >> My Libraries.

    If DecentSampler hasn’t scanned the files, you can find them by selecting “FILE >> Load..” and then navigate to the correct folder.

    look for these files;
    WV DYNAMIC EVOS FAST.dslibrary
    WV DYNAMIC EVOS SLOW.dslibrary
    WV FROZEN TEXTURES.dslibrary
    WV INDIA ASHBERRY.dslibrary
    WV MAX NATTRASS.dslibrary
    WV NATURAL TONES.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS FAST 1.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS FAST 2.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS FAST 3.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS SLOW 1.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS SLOW 2.dslibrary
    WV SINGLE EVOS SLOW 3.dslibrary

    David Jones

    Thamks. I’m new to these and didn’t realise the downloads had different formats.

    Matti Frost

    I just downloaded DS and Winter Voices was my first choice for an instrument, Followed all the instructions and… nothing. It won’t load into Decent Sampler. It gives me all of the filenames above but I’m staring at a blank interface and I’m stumped.

    Do I have to move the sample pack from my download folder to another library? I did not see that in any of the instructions on the page for that.

    bo din

    And suddenly the forum kicks into life.

    Have you extracted the contents of the zip file ?

    It will help if you save the zips (or move it) to a folder specifically for Decent Sampler presets and libraries, call it; Decent Sampler Libraries.

    Right click on the zip file and select “Extract to 667646_WinterVoices_DecentSampler\

    Then with Decent Sampler, click on FILE and select Preferences and navigate to ‘Decent Sampler Libraries’ folder to set that as your Sample Library Location.

    Close the Preference page and go to FILE again and select Rescan Libraries

    Once you know it works, you can then either save the zip to an external backup device or delete it.

    Matti Frost

    No, I haven’t tried that. I’ve downloaded other packs and they seem to work fine. I’m not seeing a ZIP file extension either, it’s just a folder in my downloads. When I right click it, nothing happens.

    bo din

    Do you use some sort of auto-extraction for downloaded compressed files if you have no zip file ? Not that that will help, mind.
    When you click on download, you get asked where to save the file and it should show the name of the file with the .zip at the end. That’s how I do it. Then I extract it.

    You may be aware there is a post about the forum being retired and that discord is the place to go instead.

    So you may not get many replies here.
    Perhaps discord users can help. I am not a discord user.

    Good luck.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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