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    I’ve also jumped in on this and spent more time than I’d care to admit on it!
    Like The Ansion, I was overwhelmed when I saw the sheer amount of uploads there on youtube, sifting through them all is going to be an unenviable task.

    Also frustratingly, like Keith, for some reason despite the #’s Youtube hasn’t cached my upload so it doesn’t turn up in search results so I guess it’s all been in vain, especially with the volume of other uploads.

    Some really interesting compositions up here, it’s fascinating listening to how everyone interprets the visual elements into their own idea.

    Here’s mine:

    I’ve learnt a lot in doing this but most important for me has been mix translation. Learning how different it can sound on studio monitors to headphones, through to TV, laptop and phone, along with the subtle differences Youtube’s compression can make to it, there have been quite a few revisions haha

    Keith Theodosiou

    I have noticed that the videos seem to rotate with the #
    Sometimes my video shows and sometimes it doesn’t so hopefully, everyones will get seen at some point.
    Also regarding the ‘views amount’, the judges will not be interested in that. If someone has 600 views and someone has only 6 views, if the six views piece is way better than the 600 views, they will pick the 6 views.
    Views just means you have more followers not that their music is better. (or some people keep clicking on their tracks to ‘bump’ up their views lol).
    Also thumbs up compared to thumbs down, that won’t be an issue either.
    Some people will put a thmbs down hoping that it affects other peoples chances lmao (sad people indeed).

    If the judges like the music you composed and how you worked it to film, then you have a decent chance. That’s how it will work 🙂

    The Ansion

    Surely though, they would be checking the submissions through the form you fill in on the SA website. So really the hashtag shouldn’t really matter – it’s just a quick way of filtering them on YT for whatever reason.


    Only just checked my mix on the phone, and noticed that pizz bass is rendered impotent, and one relatively important synth element gets completely lost! On the other hand, it’s much less revealing, so hides a number of sins.

    After I watched a fair number of entries last night, I tried to figure out roughly how many there were so far. I reckoned it was around 400-500, or about 30hrs of music, if my beermat maths holds up.

    The Ansion

    Seems everyone and their Gran has entered, there’s rumour on the Instagram reminder that the number of entries is more like 14,000 – but that can’t be right, can it??

    Anyway, best of luck everyone. If anything we all get a little bit of exposure out of it.

    Richard Ferrando

    I doubt it’s anywhere near 14,000. I did a casual Google search and restricted it to video and I saw less than 300. The search probably didn’t catch everything, but I doubt it’s more than 500.

    Richard Ferrando

    Just looked again out of curiosity and if you Google search the hashtag and restrict the source to YouTube the number of results is 275, not counting results that Google sees as duplicates. If you include the duplicates (which may or may not really be duplicates) the number is 338.


    It’ll be really interesting to know the final figure of submitted/uploaded entries.
    Thinking about it, Pianobook had 350+ submissions for the Piannoday piece, Spitfire has a much bigger profile and social reach, possibly 10x that of PB, so I wouldnt be surprised if the number of submissions is somwhere in the thousands.


    I think Paul said something like ” we have over a thousand,..” during The Probe video which appeared on Sunday (31/5) so with 3 days left, I can’t see it going over 2k right?

    Anywho, I really loved doing this and I’d like to thank Spitfire, HBO, my mum and all the little people who made my entry such a roaring success!
    See you all on the Oscar stage!


    Hello fellow Pianobookers,

    I did one of these too! Just barely squeaked it out before the deadline. Anyway, I don’t have any illusions of winning the competition, but, it was good practice if nothing else. I definitely engaged in some chase scene musical conventions, but, that’s mostly new territory for me, so, I still learned a lot.

    There’s a few Pianobook instruments in the mix here, notably the Upright Bass Drum, and the Owl Choir, and Ocean Harp Swells.

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Raul Yebra

    Hi everyone!
    This is the one I submitted, and let me tell you, it was fun!

    Good luck to everyone!

    darko kutchutozov

    Hi everyone, I’m brand new here or it would have had a load of you guys stuff in for sure. As it is a lot of spitfire labs for texture, BBCSO free “discover” (so don’t laugh please lol), then mostly my my own stuff and synths for the rest (iris2 is great for unusual sampled instruments too 😉

    darko kutchutozov

    Pete Clark

    Some really interesting interpretations from everyone here. Really enjoyable to hear everyones angle.
    Here is my angle – using mostly modular synths and a tiny bit of samples.

    Richard Ferrando

    Have you guys seen the winning entry? So awesome! I’m totally cool with losing to this composition! It’s so much fun!

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