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    AvatarMichael Sintros

    Every library I’ve downloaded so far has told me that my version of Kontakt is too old. I’m currently running Kontakt 6 Player. What I want to know is if I buy Kontakt 6 full if this is enough or if it will need to be the latest version of Kontakt 6 (6.4.2 I believe). I ask because, due to age of my computer, I can only run Kontakt 6.0, not 6.4.

    AvatarThe Ansion

    It would need to be the latest version I’m afraid – even Kontakt 6.4.0 couldn’t load some of the libraries for me as it was “too old”.

    AvatarMichael Sintros

    Thanks, I appreciate the answer. You just saved me $99 🙂

    AvatarTony McK

    Bo Din helpfully created an earlier topic (see below), going through the Pianobook library and indicating which libraries are Kontakt 5, which should work with your Kontakt 6 player. I’ve had the same problem, but as I’m still using a Windows 32 bit system (until my computer dies – not any time soon, hopefully ;-)), I can’t update the Kontakt 6 player to the most recent version, as Native Access stopped working on 32bit a year or two ago.

    All the Kontakt 5.8.1(R43) that’s available on Pianobook

    bo dinbo din

    Tony McK, thanks. I’ve updated it as a new post as we can’t edit old entries;
    Instruments that load in Kontakt 5.8.1

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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