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    In the past, I’ve uploaded quite a bit of fairly dry and technical sounding instruments to this site, so that people have the freedom to process and mangle in a slew of different ways.

    However, I see many others uploading very wonderful and creative sounding imaginary or processed versions of instruments they own. I tried to lean into this idea recently with the rowdy brass instrument, but I am very curious:

    Do you want more wacky stuff? Or more basic and rigorous things. Of course both or a good mix is always an option too. I’d like to hear your input!

    I think a recorder choir is my next venture

    Maximilian Kisbiro


    thanks for asking!
    I am not compeltely sure how to answer this. Sorry, if I get sidetracked a bit…

    TLDR on

    I can completely understand your thoughts. For myself the samples itself are only the barebone of the sound, so I go for very basic processing of the samples and put more energy into the playback-engines to give as many dimensions as possible directly to the user within the instrument and I like this way of working.
    But imho it is not always about the toolset I want to give away. And to be honest.. I came for Christians Ice Choir but stayed for the creations of this community. I think I am not the only one, who is hyped for all the innovative stuff we will get here the next years and there are also dozens of other sources on the interwebs to find well recorded and free organic instruments.
    except pianos… I think/hope this place here will be and stay THE SHIT for pianos.

    My songwriting got so much more character because of the creative ideas of this community. And it´s always the compeltely fucked-up-stuff or the very sublte creative nuances the pianobookers incorporate to their creations I am drawn to.
    So I would suggest to go for the creative stuff. Go all in. Be creative. Discover your unique style and give us, what you want us to use. I want to someday download an isntrument from PB, open it and sy to myself: Connor, “you filthy bastard” (to use.. Christians words^^) because it is your style I can directly hear from your instruments and one day I also want others to recognize my style.

    TLDR off

    I can get well recorderd neutral instruments and samples everywhere today. Give us, what´s unique about you.


    Peter H

    Hi Conner,

    I am with Max here. IMO he really pointed out the essence of PB!
    I am looking forward to hear from you!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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