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    Keith Theodosiou

    I am asking this just to get a feel of what people really think about it.

    I have read many articles on how to get yourself out there and most of them say the same thing.
    Obviously the music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and so on but they also suggest Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and those type of social media.

    The thing is, are people really interested?

    I say this as loads of artists post they music on social media and most have just a few likes.
    I admit I do it too and say on twitter, I have 385 followers, when I post my music I will get 1 or 2 actual clicks on that music.

    Is it really worth posting then, I don’t force anyone I just post with a little description and that’s it. People either listen or they don’t but generally, they don’t lol.

    When I do Pianobook demo’s it does a few things, it promotes my music obviously but it also promotes the instrument I used from Pianobook and also Pianobook itself.

    My question is are people really bothered and is it really worth posting music on social media?

    Kalen Smith

    I would argue that it depends largely what you are trying to accomplish. For the longest time, I was very hesitant in posting my music on any social media platforms.

    On one hand, it is a very good way of promoting yourself to others, and potentially might lead to the right people becoming interested (even if you have a small following).
    However there is the other view to consider. Are you posting music for self validation, and looking for others to appreciate your work? Are you letting the number of views or likes dictate your creativity?
    Maybe not. However slim a chance, we as humans are always influenced by others.
    I would caution against promoting yourself to make yourself feel better about your music (i.e. more clicks and likes equals a better track).

    I’d say that self promotion is critical in today’s music environment. Thousands of composers are looking for the same opportunities, and while not actively fighting each other, it is quite competitive. Promote your creativity and differences, not what pleases the majority. Eventually your originally will win out. The right people will get interested.

    I wouldn’t worry so much about others and if “they can be bothered.” What matters is that we are doing what we love.


    Keith Theodosiou

    Thanks Kalen, you have some good points.
    I am just like any other composer out there, either well known or like us. We write a piece of music that we are proud of and we just want others to hear it. It’s really that simple.

    Our music reflects our personalities in a way and what we are feeling at a particular moment but we are really no different as composers than any other type of artist. We create and we want to share.
    I suppose I will keep posting my music and if people want to listen, they will.

    To be honest, I know I over do it when it comes to my music, say for instance when I got Spitfire’s BBCSO, I caned youtube with my music lol. Even with Pianobook I flooded soundcloud with my demos but I can’t help it, I write and I post.

    I suppose it’s just Human nature to want people to like whatever you do 🙂


    I’m interested because I want to help people find my music where they can buy and download tracks. I know I’m not going to get rich but I need to try to get some income back from music. Whether people like or not I’ll keep writing the music I want to write. There is a market for everything though.

    Keith Theodosiou

    Yes I agree, there is always a market for whatever style you write in, it’s just a case of finding that audience.
    As for making money, it would be a big bonus but you have to be pretty established I think to earn decent money from music.

    Still, I write for the passion I have for music and I hope people hear that in my work 🙂


    I take a simple view, without considering motivations – it takes a minute to knock up a social media post, and if one person hears something I’ve made, that minute was well spent. I’d probably spend longer than that talking about a piece to a friend, before I even play it to them.

    In radio, they (certianly used to) teach you on day 1 that you talk as if you’re talking to one person. Taking that same approach – ‘this post is so one stranger can hear my thing’ and you’ll likely never feel disappointed.

    The dream of viral success is hard to ignore though, right?

    Kalen Smith

    I agree with you all. :] We create music because we love it.

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