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    i was wondering about the possibility of creating a discord server for pianobook
    al least for my discord is a very reliable and robust platform
    and can be use as a forum as well
    what do you think?


    A good discord example is Vital, Mat Tytel’s open-source/commercial synth has a discord with over 6000 members, in just a few months of existance. Often with a thousand viewers, and people contributing presets, wavetables, and video tutorials among the discussions.


    Should we create a server?
    I think could he a good idea

    bo dinbo din

    Well, you only need another 5998 to make a ‘good example’ assuming the two of you are in.

    I’ve said it before elsewhere, I’ll be washing the pots…….

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    Ups sorry i did not check my spelling , i wanted to say that for me Discord is a good way to interact with the community my bad sorry that’s why i asked if you guys think is a good idea.


    Bo said, “Well, you only need another 5998 to make a ‘good example’ assuming the two of you are in.

    I’ve said it before elsewhere, I’ll be washing the pots…….”

    For the record, the example I mentioned was due to it’s positive impacts, not the headcount, which I was surprised by. 6, 60 or 600 people can be a good example, and have a positive impact. There are many lurkers who benefit from helpful discussions, and pass things along in the shadows. And shadows have very little staying-power. (My wife wonders why I don’t use the electric dishwasher, but I find it theraputic to slow down, and stay in touch with real life for those short but relaxing breaks spent with the pots, pans, forks, and glasses etc)

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    Here are some nuts and bolts regarding having a discord,



    Good ideas almost always cost someone time and money. Time spent after paid career hours
    also has a price, The word ‘free’ is often used, but less often accurately. I consider
    the Pianobook sounds and software to be quite valuable. So if I can contribute, I will.
    I suspect Christian and Dave routinely max-out their contributions, and expect that
    a new discord would require more than meets the eye. I’ll guess 4 people, an admin,
    and 3 moderators in different timezones, each with 30 minutes per day, split in 2 or 3 logins
    throughout a day to keep track of the joy…strictly a guess!


    i assume would be just more work than fun i guess ….


    I asked Matt Tytel, Vital synth author, his opinion on the value of the Vital synth discord, and he thinks it’s worth the effort.

    So those deeply vested in Pianobook/DecentSampler, can ponder how an ‘official’ discord might benefit the commecial side of Spitfire, as well as the benevolent aspects around it. It’s good luck to spend some time spying out the land, before invading…

    After briefly observing three discords, they appear to be a bit like reunion parties populated by smart and helpful souls, and those moving in that direction. The colorful interface brings with it a certain lightness of being.

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    ohhhh interesting, well i am certainly interested on the idea of the idea of start a server with the community of pianobook

    create channels for different sampling formats
    (kontakt,exs24-logic,Decent sampler Wav-files etc)

    sound design
    recording tips
    share some Daw projects, templates MIDI files
    sharing of your work.

    what you think?

    bo dinbo din

    Post the idea on the Pianobbok youtube channel and/or spitfire audio forum, you might get more of a reaction there.

    Edit: OK, OK, not Pianobbok, but Pianobook

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    thanks friends


    And verify the idea does not reinvent the wheel, perhaps the meat of the idea exists in other discords already? But my car has four wheels, despite my best efforts to make it three, sometimes…
    Spitfire/LABS/Pianobook might draw a great crowd.

    AvatarAndrew Rosen

    As it turns out, I’ve been a member of a Spitfire users Discord server for a while. We’d be happy to welcome you all.


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