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    I came into 2020 with a lot to do. I was making music more regularly then, playing in bands, almost having a life. Got into 2020 ;ate and on the onset of you know what – got work for a government department. Good news, I moved too. Nice area, semi rural lots of great landscape around this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an SSI. Bad health took a toll and I have had to deal with that plus work pressures. I lost my vibe for music. I couldn’t think of any reason to play again. However, my YouTube is getting to make original music for my channel videos. Sometimes we lose our way, but it’s all part of life. Now 2022 is on the horizon, I tolerate my job but it has it’s perks – like working from home. Happy New year folks I hope it releases us from Borisville and we get out more and see more and it inspires us to play and create more.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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