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    Welcome to the pianobook community! Youโ€™re one of the first ones here. Our goal is to create a community for composers, sample creators, sound designers, musicians, or any creative individual interested in the pianobook project. This is the second version of this forum, after the Pianobook website was redeveloped. Sadly we haven’t been able to transfer the old content, so we’re starting from scratch.

    Weโ€™re still defining the edges of this website, and we want to invite you to help mold it. How would you like to see this community evolve? What kinds of content are you hoping to post or read about from others? How would you like to have the forum structured?

    This is a simple announcement post that may incorporate some simple community rules in the future. You cannot reply to this post, but please find the other welcome thread to introduce yourself and share your feedback on how you see this community developing. Thanks for joining us here!


    P.S. Thanks to Timmy for starting the original piano.community


    Hello all and welcome! This is just th beginning of the next pianobook chapter!!!


    Good morning, and good cheer! I must say, it’s a bit of a letdown to craft a decent reply
    to someone asking for help, and the reply doesn’t immediately show up. This never happens at any other forum I access. I don’t really care if there is some moderator/babysitter out there who thinks their opinions about posts are higher priority than the discussion at hand. I do care that a nice creative community is slowed down, if not discouraged, by the current slack-handed arrangement in place. It’a a bad look, especially when starting out, and with people who are sharing their efforts and knowledge. I know from the videos that good people with good intentions are involved, but this waiting game for posts to be scrutinized is an un-necessary absurdity. If the site has been deluged with profane or defaming posts in the past, and strict moderation is a must, by all means, explain the state of affairs, and have a ‘sticky’ explaining the aftermath, and the steps in place, so it doesn’t come off as complacency or incompetance etc.

    sean searle

    Hey. How do I put in a request for an instrument.

    I wonder if a spring door stop would be a cool item to sample. Maybe if someone has got one to sample, they could look into it (I unfortunately do not have one)

    James ALDEN Berry

    Very excited to be a part of this community and see how the pianobook world develops. Here to be a big role in moving lots of reviews, libraries, and conversation in sampling forward!


    More details/background would be very welcome. A little bio goes a long way!

    Gabriel Androczky

    Hello there everyone!
    I’m happy to be on-board and browsing all you guys’ work as it’s Christmas. I love all the creativity everyone has put into their craft and I’m just hoping I will someday be able to contribute to the wonder with something meaningful ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks to all the Pianobook volunteers who make this possible.

    Jaob Ehrlich

    Hey everyone, does anybody know whatever happened to that pianobook awards ceremony christian mentioned?

    Jaob Ehrlich

    Christian had said in a video on october 12th that in exactly a month from now (november 12th) that there would be some kind of awards ceremony for people that wrote really good reviews or a lot of reviews on pianobook. This was when the reviewing and the new launch of the updated pianobook took place

    Jaob Ehrlich

    skip to 21:51


    The forum could be so much more that just the damp rag lying in the gutter, but your answer just about puts the nail in the coffin.

    45 thousand registered users worldwide but a forum fit for a morgue.

    Now, see post above, it’s turning into one of those forums that just has Spam on it, is that tumbleweed I see!

    Shame really and I did notice one can’t even contact any of the Authors direct if you have a question from their profile which seems kinda archaic on a Forum living in 2022.


    Iโ€™m not sure what you are trying to say there Leon, but the site does remove spam very quickly.

    I see now they do ๐Ÿ™‚

    If only it was as quick to participate in answering questions by members, shame it’s not more active ๐Ÿ˜‰

    James Osborne

    Hi, just signed up – am I missing something to be able to download the samples?

    When I try to download anything I get a “Failed – Network error” message in Chrome… I’ve seen this occurring on other sites when an account hasn’t been fully verified – eg I had something similar a while back with PreSonus – I somehow missed a small button marked “Confirm your account” despite having followed a half dozen account creation steps!!!

    I can’t see any other account verification steps on Pianobook – I’ve clicked the link in the email and can post on the forum!!!!


    Michael Scheurer

    I can’t post either!

    I stand corrected, I can reply but not post… hmmmm

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