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    AvatarAnders Wall

    Ah I see.
    Thank you Bo Din for chiming in.

    I guess links are allowed in replies but not in new threads.
    So perhaps it’s best to create a new topic without links and add them as a reply.


    bo dinbo din

    “by jove, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head”

    bo dinbo din

    Except uki stuff has had a new thread with one working. Perhaps it was passed ok by mods or the site is acceptable to the security checking software.

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    Avatar– –

    I have a feature request:

    Like many users (probably), I only have DecentSampler.
    It would be very useful if we could filter on that.

    To minimize the dissapointment when finding great sounding contributions that I can’t use 🙂

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    bo dinbo din

    You’ll probably have to wait for the new version of the website for that…..



    I’m getting 403 forbidden. Not sure if it’s just me.


    I’ve replied to a few topics, but nothing gets through. When I repeat
    the submission, I get a duplicate post warning, but days later,
    replies still are in the ether somewhere, but not in the forum.
    Can’t be helpful when this condition persists…

    AvatarJeremy Giraudeau

    Hello there,

    I’m experiencing some ‘Too Many Requests’ errors as I ask to regenerate a new password (cause I forgot it).

    As soon as I click the link sent, I’m then locked out of the website for few hours, so I can’t do anything. Sometimes, just clicking on ‘forgot my password’ throws the error and.. goodbye.

    I think it’s quite problematic as there is nothing else I can do..

    bo dinbo din

    Hi Jeremy,

    It is the nature of the beast that is the current incarnation of Pianobook. There is new site in the making and new forum on the way. I think they still streamline things when they get the chance but you have to live with it at the moment.

    I replied to you query about DS, but don’t have a solution for you if you don’t keep older versions.
    I thought uninstalling it and reinstalling it might lose the info but it didn’t make any difference in v1.0.

    AvatarJeremy Giraudeau

    Hey bo di,

    All good, if I’m not an isolated case, I’ll find my way around (like I just did after persevering haha)


Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 130 total)
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