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    AvatarLouis VanZandt

    Trying to download “Ultra Ambient Pad”
    Keep getting the following error message:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <Message>Access Denied</Message>

    AvatarDaniel Gregory

    Only two little grievances that doesn’t affect much but it’s a tad annoying to see. I grouped it by how they might be related.

    Sometimes the website just logs me out. Sometimes I’ll be logged in and an individual instrument page will ask for my email as if I’m a guest. Sometimes I’ll be “logged out” and it won’t ask me for an email or anything.

    I feel as though there should be a way to turn off the email links once you have an account. It is nice to have a download link available in my inbox, but it becomes very spammy when I visit and find a few cool looking instruments and just download them in one go.

    TLDR: As a regular visitor with an account, I wish the website would remember my account and keep me logged in/prompt to keep me logged in. I wish I could turn off email notifications for every instrument I download.

    bo dinbo din

    Testing, as my reply has been blocked.

    bo dinbo din

    Try this; sign out and come back to the end of this thread as if to reply. You can sign in from there and will be given the option to ‘Keep me signed in’.
    It works for me.

    bo dinbo din

    I never get any emails (nor do I want them regarding downloads) but I do have 49 pages of download (and attempted download) history in my account. I have just discovered that you can click on them for a repeat direct download. I’m not sure it is of any use to me but still, there it is.

    bo dinbo din
    AvatarAlfie Harding


    If anyone can help me with loading instruments into the EXS24 that would be much appreciated. I’ve been trying to get it to work for months and still haven’t managed to.

    As far as I have seen there’s no information on this website about how to load instruments into the new EXS24 that came with the fairly recent logic update. Please may someone help/add this information to the website for other people struggling like me?



    Hi, I’m getting a duplicate message warning after submitting a post, but neither the original or the duplicate appears. There are several links in the post (to Native Instruments support topics), maybe such posts get evaluated before going through?
    Or maybe it’s that blasted volcanic ash slowing down the interwebs?
    (I’ll try again later, before the jaybirds squawk about breakfast territory…)


    Well, at least Bo Din still seems to be here…

    Perplexingly (and for the first time ever) I’ve just received an email containing Guildorf’s 13 April forum post about duplicate message warnings. Perhaps, at some point, aeons ago, I replied to a post in this thread and am now suddenly receiving replies…? I am 60 years old and too little remains of my life for me to trawl back to see if that’s the case. Maybe I’m now an admin but someone forgot to tell me…


    A charitable response to the numerous recent complaints of errors, omissions, lack of communication and download problems might link back to Christian’s pianobook youtube video about a month back (I think) in which he mentioned the website is again in the process of redesign.

    Once this is done, pianobook’s forum will be incorporated under the Spitfire Audio forum ‘umbrella’, apparently.

    The instruments and demos are as excellent as ever. Communication is barely existent (although Christian does reply to email) and the forum is currently simply hopeless. I seem to be about the only pianobook user who takes the time to review the instruments. But thank goodness for Bo Din.

    Chris (wordsSHIFTminds)


    I came across a PianoBook discussion at kvraudio.

    Apparantly there are developers like the Surge synth team, who make use of’s forums, simply by maintaining and populating their topic, and updating the first post as needed. They offer a personal account that colates the users communications so the harried can review their posts etc at will, along with a handy PM setup, product reviews, sticky topics etc and there is a dedicated sampling forum, to pitch a tent at.

    I know not how Spitfire’s forum works, or what will be provided, but if it’s reinventing
    wheels that kvr already have in place, and in the free column, it might reduce the workload, and bypass some difficulties of starting afresh. Or at least offer some extra exposure.
    (to quote a line from the movie ‘Chariots Of Fire’,
    “…that’s a matter for the committee…” )

    bo dinbo din

    Here you go Chris….

    Communication is key

    Of late though, there have been more regular participants frequenting the forum and keeping it moving, in particular addressing new users queries – new users that actually find the forum, that is.


    Thanks, Bo Din!

    That’s a completely different thread, though, and there are no posts from me on the page you link to, so the same problem applies (I have to trawl through extremely slow-loading [and sometimes indefinitely hanging] pages of non-relevant posts to find why I’m being notified). And I’ve never received any email replies to posts on the forum before yesterday but have had three in the past 24 hours. The tick-box says “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”, which on most forums I’ve ever been part of refers to replies to a particular thread.

    It’s all quite confusing and not a little frustrating. Roll on the new site and moderated forum!


    bo dinbo din

    Sorry Chris,

    I wasn’t pointing you to your old posts, I was just showing you some gripes that came up before we knew anything about the new forum(s) and site(s).

    Anyway, if you click on your username and check for your replies, you can then open the REPLY# number which will bring up the post so that you can check the replies that you got. I hope it brings you some closure to the email saga, lol.

    All the best.

    AvatarAnders Wall

    Hello pianobook.

    A few days ago I made a post that needed to be looked at before published.
    Does this happen frequently?
    How to we (read I 🙂 ) get the post published?

    Theres nothing offensive in the post.
    Only linking to my lofiaudio site where new instruments have been posted and are available.
    Same instruments have been submitted to pianobook but it might take some time before they surface here.



    bo dinbo din

    You could try making your address not legible by the auto detect software.
    Let’s try.

    To reach Anders Wall website remove the spaces from the spaces after htt and before om/;
    htt ps://lofiaudio.c om/

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Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 136 total)
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