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    bo dinbo din

    I’m not admin, just a user but I’ve just tested three at random and they all download here.

    Is there a specific library you have a problem with or is it all of them and where are you downloading from ? Europe, Asia ? I’m in UK, Europe.

    bo dinbo din

    You could have made an announcement that the review section actually works now after all the time that it didn’t.

    And where’s my post about Kontakt 5.8.1 libraries ?

    bo dinbo din

    So what are you doing with the review section ? Are you rectifying issues that are posted there and then deleting those comments ?

    But thanks for uploading (all) the posts that needed checking by admin/mods.


    Hi Richard,
    Just encountered this issue when trying to download the Ukulele Thrumming Textures library. This page is what pops up after clicking on the “EXS24 & Kontakt” download button.


    Error page



    Firstly congratulations on this excellent community resource.

    I have some feedback on the instrument download links. I spent a while selecting several instruments to download but wasn’t on my studio computer so decided to use the email links to download later. A couple of days later I go to download the instruments and the links have expired. So I now have to go through the whole process again.

    Would you consider adding a warning to the email download links that tells us when they will expire so no one else gets caught out by this?


    AvatarChris Dodsworth


    Is profile picture uploading disabled at the moment or is it just me having problems? I’ve tried a few different files and I just get this error message

    “We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed
    Your request looks suspiciously similar to automated requests from spam posting software or it has been denied by a security policy configured by the website administrator.

    If you believe you should be able to perform this request, please let us know.


    AvatarBob Ellis

    Hi Guys

    1. The error reported at post #522972 is still present.

    After making a post I get this …

    There has been a critical error on your website.

    Learn more about debugging in WordPress.”

    It posts the reply though it doesnt take you to that post to show it.

    Using Chrome Version 87 in Windows 10

    2. The “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” is not working for me.

    AvatarRob Jackson

    Hi, newbie here – I got the same error just a short while ago today, on Safari 14.0.1, macOS Catalina 10.15.7


    Same here.


    Just reporting an error on “The Lamp” page.

    The download link says Kontakt, but the actual zip file contains EXS instruments only.

    Thanks for this superb resource.


    I see that there are a few instruments in the Decent Sampler format. However, there is no sort link the way there is for Kontakt, EXS and SFZ. Will that be coming?

    AvatarRichard Nash

    At last I can view this site!!! Both FireFox and Chrome display this site (and ThunderBird displays emails from Spitfire Audio) with the text as DingBats.
    The solution was to disable websites from displaying custom fonts.
    It would appear that font-family: ‘Work Sans’ doesn’t work.

    AvatarAnders Wall

    I get a lot of 403’s

    Sometimes when replying to messages, the reply is there… But I’m transfered to a 403 or a critical error page
    Today I tried to change my profile picture, to no avail. 403 forbidden.

    Is it just me?



    Kalen Smith (post #99099) makes a great point about resubmitting instruments.

    I contributed an instrument a few weeks ago that hasn’t yet been posted to the site. Now I’ve been using the instrument for a while, I’ve discovered I made a rookie error (it was my first instrument) and placed a sample from the incorrect octave in one of the four velocity layers.

    I’d like to replace my submission but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this. Is the only way to contribute it again? If so, is it better to wait until it becomes part of a piano drop? There seems to be quite a long backlog at the moment.

    An Edit/Update link would be a great feature to add to the site – wanting to replace an instrument can’t be a rare request.

    bo dinbo din

    Ever get the feeling you aren’t being watched ?

    There is next to no direct communication between the “keyholders” and the users on this site or in this forum.

    I think the backbone of the keyholders of Pianobook is made up from staff at Spitfire Audio. And they have a business to run first and foremost. So their time is limited to maintaining the site including working on and uploading the new contributed libraries rather than responding to the forum.

    As it is free content, I accept the site for what it is now, though there is much that could be improved upon.

    I am grateful for the content and hope some of my posts and comments have helped others.

    What can I say ?

    Contribute it again.

    Email direct to any address you can find for Spitfire Audio.

    Contribute it again, wait for library to be published and post a review if necessary with a link to a dropbox correction with the smallest upload size possible, hopefully just a replacement nki/exs type file rather than the samples. (Of course it could get picked up when they have a look at it, I have no idea how they go about it)

    Hope someone from Pianobook actually does read this and replies.

    Purely speculation on my part in the following paragraph……
    Who knows, they might be sifting through the contributions and picking out the outstanding libraries and offering a commercial contract for said libraries with non-disclosure agreements. And with so many real world musicians exploring what they can do with modern technology maybe there is a mountain of stuff to go through. We would never know.

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