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    Site looks nice, but to be honest, I preferred the functionality of the old site. It’s seems pretty clunky and there are too many clicks to get to download imo. I understand why you may have chosen to go down this membership route but it took quite a bit of time to be able to sign up for an account – email verification took a few days to reach my email and I had to sign up twice before it worked.
    I’m not sure if it’s just my account, but I also have to click a link to verify login each time I try to log into the site too
    Adding to basket worked ok, and the email link was delivered but which took me to wetransfer. Wonder if it’s possible to just add a button to wetransfer as before?

    Emil G.

    I have a several videos on Vimeo that use my Pianobook demos. Has there been any consideration to adding a Video page on this site to show these types of works? Hearing the music in context makes a big difference. Adds impact.


    Hey guys,

    Just reporting a bug where if you’re not registered and logged in the “add to basket” button just kind of beach balls / hangs without any error message. I registered and logged in having seen Christian’s video the other day saying there were issues, and was then able to complete the download no problem, but this might put some newcomers off!




    Thanks for pointing this out.
    Can I ask a few questions so I can recreate the bug?

    – what instrument was it
    – what browser are you using
    – what operating system are you on



    bo din

    How on earth do we get an avatar (I hate that word) to load ? I’ve tried uploading different versions of my logo but it seems to revert to the first one which doesn’t display well.


    Dear PianoBook! Archive Broken Strings (https://www.pianobook.co.uk/library/broken-strings/) cannot be opened in particular with 7Z. I tried to download it again, still doesn’t work. Is it problem with my archivator or with archive on a site? Other archives from site opens normally.


    Same problen with ISOLATION PIANO – TUBES & TAPE (https://www.pianobook.co.uk/library/isolation-piano-tubes-tape/), both archives more than a 4,7GB. I tried with another archivator, still no result.

    bo din

    I managed to download them both and open them with Winrar a few weeks ago.

    Just downloaded Isolation again and extracted contents using 7-Zip (20.00 alpha)

    It warns me of something to do with 32bit but continues to extract.
    And the nki loads and plays fine.

    Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape.zip
    Size: 4.58 GB (4,926,556,787 bytes)
    Size on disk: 4.58 GB (4,926,562,304 bytes)

    Isolation Piano – Tubes & Tape Folder
    Size: 5.41 GB (5,815,012,352 bytes)
    Size on disk: 5.41 GB (5,819,232,256 bytes)
    Contains; 2,516 Files, 7 Folders


    Thanks, I’ll try new version of 7-Zip and WinRar.

    Jeremy Brookes

    Hi all, new here. Just to say the Library > Bundles link goes to a 404.



    How can I change e-mail and nickname on Account page?

    bo din

    Click on your own name in the post above to get to your profile, then select Edit.

    Change what you want to and then scroll down to Update Profile and clik on it.

    That should work.



    Some constructive feedback:

    1. Some instruments don’t actually say what format the download is in (e.g. Yamaha S400-B) – is it Kontakt 6, for example?

    2. A lot of instruments just say ‘Kontakt’ as their format – is this Kontakt 5, or 6?

    3. I get emails all the time of your replies to people. I suspect that there is a notification set up somewhere that shouldn’t be…

    4. Am I supposed to have access to the wordpress /wp-admin pages for this site?

    5. Why do the …/feed pages just display the raw XML?

    6. I offered my database of Master Keyboards (compiled from the old forum) as a potential resource some time ago. I haven’t heard anything since, and you haven’t added it to the ‘Resources’ tab…

    Cheers and stay safe,

    Martin (synthesierwriter)

    bo din

    Hi Martin,
    thanks for the bagpipes.

    The pages not identifying Kontakt, EXS, sfz etc.

    I have actually put a list together of all the Kontakt libraries that will open in Kontakt 5.8.1;

    All the Kontakt 5.8.1(R43) that’s available on Pianobook

    I did it so that anyone who comes to the forum might find some info on which version of kontakt is needed and to give a concise list to admin that they could refer to and easily add to the page.

    I was unable to post working URLs and did not want to post the info offsite. I will soon upload a better list (when the initial thread disappears off the front page).

    The only way I have received any feedback from the good folks maintaining the site is through their day job emails and I only do that in emergencies like a site attack !

    I have added a couple of new threads since I finished posting on that list.
    see; More Kontakt 5.8.1 libraries

    Also at the bottom of the reply box (for posting comments in the forum), there is a tick box asking for notifications of follow up replies via email. Mine is unchecked, so I get no emails.


    Hi bo bin,

    Thanks for the feedback. That data on formats is extremely useful – many thanks.

    It does seem that this thread is only rarely read by the admins. Yours is the first reply I have had, although the emails that I get suggest that some are answered.

    The latest mod to the WordPress template removes even the vague ‘kontakt’ metadata, and replaces it with ‘Free Download’, which then gives a pop-up form which eventually goes to a download page. So an index to formats is hugely important to prevent people wasting bandwidth.

    I’ve now spotted the pre-ticked ‘Notify me…’ which explains why I was getting all of those emails from other people!

    I’m amazed that you found my bagpipes – they are buried very deep on the site, and only a specific search will find them! No wonder no-one has reviewed them… CH goes on about toolkit sounds, about organic synths, and yet when I submit one it gets ignored and put in a cul-de-sac. Ah well…

    Martin (synthesizerwriter)

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 235 total)
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