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    bo dinbo din

    JasonCecrle (June 2, 2020 at 12:53 pm)

    I just tried to download the Triple Felt Experiment, but it’s password protected

    You have to watch the video, it’s at 5:08.

    And it’s the only one that has a password !

    bo dinbo din

    And if you open the video in youtube, you’ll find links to 2 kontakt versions in the description.

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    Forum Post #280112 from TarynS looks like spam from a bot.




    Ah, thanks! I got them. There’s a problem with the Street Organ download link. It gives this response: “Sorry, this file could not be downloaded.”


    I’m seeing the same issue with “Street Organ”. The download link responds with “Sorry, this file could not be downloaded.”



    I’d like to make a suggestion.

    Maybe you could always put on the instrument description what version of Kontakt it needs to run. I’ve downloaded a few instruments and then, when I open them, my Kontakt says my version is too old (and it’s not even that old, it’s 6.2.1).

    Thank you!

    AvatarBob Ellis

    Moderator Request

    Post #319759 is SPAM please delete. Think we need to improve site security as that got through.


    Hi, not sure where else to post this – I think it’s been reported before but doesn’t seem to be fixed.

    If you try to ‘Add to cart’ when not a logged-in user the website errors; the ‘Add to cart’ button goes blank, nothing gets added to the cart, and there’s is an error in the console log (Uncaught TypeError: response is null). This happens on Firefox and Chrome for Windows.

    It seems like this behaviour is not there once you are logged in – the adding to cart works fine then. I’d assume that the correct behaviour for a non-logged in user would be to go to a log in or register page – the current behaviour is confusing.

    If you need any more info I’m happy to provide it!

    bo dinbo din

    Hi knileuh,

    I think the few people running the site are aware it has issues but have to prioritise their own work commitments and lives and work on Pianobook as and when they can.

    I’ve come across a few issues (missing samples, a couple of downloads not working, duplicated or incorrectly named files, no file extensions) but have managed to download about 1250 patches in all associated with the site. I can’t download the Processed GameBoy Pad that went up on 24 July 2020.

    So yes, there are issues and quite a lot of stuff needs ironing out but there is q shedload of stuff to try out.

    Worth noting here is that most of the .exs files will load into TX16Wx, though some behave oddly. I use FL Studio and have Directwave (native plugin version and VST plugin version), which can load some of the .exs files but most have problems. However, where supplied, you could use the samples to create your own instrument which I think is what Christian Henson was hoping to achieve.

    Thanks to everybody who has made a contribution so far, I’m still having fun !

    Oh yeah, nearly forgot….noticing that a post was made ‘2 months, 4 weeks ago’ put a smile on my face.


    The Pianochord WeTransfer download link has expired. “Transfer expired
    Sorry, this transfer has expired and is not available any more”

    bo dinbo din

    Hi JasonCecrle

    It is always worth checking the videos out, but I would recommend going a step further and clicking on the youtube link to open the video actually direct from youtube.

    Quite a few of these have links to other creations and downloads.

    Here’s the link to the video for Pianochord by Quetzal Marchiori which fortunately has the original dropbox download (I have deliberatley struck through the link to stop it automatically loading the video on this post);

    btw if you haven’t used dropbox before, you don’t need to register or sign in to download.

    Just click on the Download button at the top right and select Direct download.

    This will allow you to download the whole zip file to wherever you want on your computer.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by bo dinbo din.
    AvatarJames Blunsdon

    Hey guys, just a little suggestion from me. I was thinking it would be a great rule of thumb for submissions to state in their descriptions the exact version of kontakt they have used to sample with. I noticed some people do this already and it’s extremely helpful. Saves having to go through the process of downloading multiple instruments to find they all were made on a slightly newer version.

    Just needs to be at the bottom of each description e.g. “For Kontakt Version 5.8.1 or later”

    Thanks guys, appreciate everything all you are doing for this wonderful community <3

    AvatarBilly Palmer

    Website looks great!
    I agree with the person above: I’d like to see exactly which version of Kontakt an instrument was created with on the product page please.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by AvatarBilly Palmer.

    Site looks nice, but to be honest, I preferred the functionality of the old site. It’s seems pretty clunky and there are too many clicks to get to download imo. I understand why you may have chosen to go down this membership route but it took quite a bit of time to be able to sign up for an account – email verification took a few days to reach my email and I had to sign up twice before it worked.
    I’m not sure if it’s just my account, but I also have to click a link to verify login each time I try to log into the site too
    Adding to basket worked ok, and the email link was delivered but which took me to wetransfer. Wonder if it’s possible to just add a button to wetransfer as before?

    Emil G.Emil G.

    I have a several videos on Vimeo that use my Pianobook demos. Has there been any consideration to adding a Video page on this site to show these types of works? Hearing the music in context makes a big difference. Adds impact.

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